News from Lyoko – 3rd March 2024


The second episode of the radio play “Code Lyoko: Frontieres Virtuelles” has been published. It’s called “Le sginal”. The creators also published pictures showing four main antagonists, adult Ulrich and Maya – dauther of Jeremy and Aelita.

Now we return to the case of deleting opening covers. As it turns out, the action is to be led by composer Justine Sainte, author of “A world without danger”. The song was created before the gender reassignment process, when instead of Sainte she was Franc Keller. A few months ago, Sainte announced on Twitter that in 2024, due to the 20th anniversary of the premiere of the series in the US and the premiere of the song at the same time, a new song “Code Lyoko: A new world” will be released. She also slightly suggested that it may be related to the Code Lyoko continuation project, and mentioned that they are most likely currently looking for funds. As for covers, she announced that she will support those who want to create something new using the original, so that everything is done in accordance with the law.

A new version of IFSCL 4.6.0 has been released, introducing the fifth chapter of the story mode, as well as a version with patch 4.6.2. IFSCL running on Linux has also been released. Most likely, versions with the number 4.7.X will begin to appear in the middle of this year. In addition, a stream of work on the game was broadcast:

Traditionally, we leave at the end of the news a review of fan art from recent times.
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4 months ago

I love this blog and follow it more becaue its more updated than codelyoko french but its surprising to me that code lyoko beyond is not at the list, do you know who it is? its pretty good! when I look into code lyoko episodes they’re channel appear quite frequently and they’re fanmade story is really good!

4 months ago
Reply to  Scoutpower1

Code Lyoko: Beyond somehow slipped. Thanks for the info and feedback, this fan production should start appearing in our next posts 😉

Last edited 4 months ago by Wyklęty
3 months ago

Stumbled upon this page due to all the recent movement and I just want to say thank uuuu omg I used to love this series as a kid; eager to see what this year brings us. LOVE the fanart