About us

Welcome to Centrum Lyoko, Polish community of Code Lyoko fans in the internet. We are a fan organization dealing with general activities for the Code Lyoko fandom: we search and publish the latest possible news for you, we create fanficks on a regular basis (in Polish language), but also from time to time we organize new graphics, drawings, audio plays or even text games.

Officially, we have existed since May 5, 2018, but some of us started earlier. We do not have one and only leader, we make decisions by voting. If you want to contact us, you may do it in two ways:

We are open to collaboration, so feel free to contact us about any propositions and ideas you have. We will try our best to help you!

Centrum Lyoko maintains several web portals, including:

  • kodlyoko.pl: Centrum Lyoko’s flagship page, this is where all our news, stories and other resources are posted.
  • codelyoko.eu: an English-language website where we publish news from the world of Code Lyoko.
  • Drogowskaz Lyoko: a website that acts as a map of all the websites about Code Lyoko that we know about. (Made with Polish users in mind but if you move the cursor on one of the links, you’ll see the text in English.)

Below we leave you some photos of the work we managed to do for the fan community.

A DVD stylized on the theme of Code Lyoko. In the link below you will find instructions on how to make such a DVD yourself (the article is currently in Polish). Link here!

ATTENTION! THIS GRAPHIC WAS JUST AN APRIL FOOL JOKE! (Article also is currently in Polish). Link here!