Pebbles of avalanche

We have noticed some actions by copyright owners for some time which have suggested that Code Lyoko is not forgotten. It was like little pebbles falling from above, just in front of an avalanche. We decided to gather these actions into one single list shown below.

2016 – Mediatoon launched English and French official channels on YouTube.

May 2018 – Mediatoon – the current owner of Code Lyoko copyrights – annouces will to publish fan’s AMV (Anime Music Video) on official Code Lyoko YouTube channels with support for creators (Guarantee of author’s copyright, marking author on YouTube channel)

June 2018 – Episodes of Code Lyoko upgraded on graphic quality and subbed for deafs people by Foxtrot Fanatics group have been blocked. Members of group annouced situation happend due Mediatoon’s copyright claims. Foxtrot Fanatics statment they know from the very beginning Mediatoon is the only copyright owner, and group did not act for property benefits. They also accuse the Mediatoon of laziness in publishing Code Lyoko’s episodes, without upgraded graphic quality or subilites for deafs people only to offer prequel in single episode. Foxtrox Fanatics tried to offer Mediatoon help and collaboration without getting a reply from corporation.

Due to situation Foxtrox Fanatics decied to shut down their YouTube channel with all Code Lyoko’s episodes. They also statment that at that moment there is no way to launch YouTube channal again.

July 2018 – First AMV publication on official YouTube channel.

July 2019 – Code Lyoko begins to be available on HBO (only first season), and later on Amazon Prime Video in USA.

October 2019 – Code Lyoko: Evolution with subilites avalaible on official YouTube channel.

December 2019 – Code Lyoko begins to be available on Amazon Prime Video in Spain.

February 2020 – Begin of fundraising for Cartoon Fair 2020. The theme of meeting is Code Lyoko. It was planned to invite Raphaëlle Bruneau (voice actor of Jeremy and Odd), Géraldine Frippiat (voice actor of Yumi), Marie-Line Landerwyn (art director and voice actor of of Ulrich). The event is scheduled for May 2 and 3.

17 February 2020 – Code Lyoko returns to French TV, the series begins to air on Game One.

End of february 2020 – r/france subreddit’s banner has been changed, just for a moment displaying main characters of Code Lyoko.

March 2020 – Due to coronavirus pandemic, Cartoon Fair was canceled.

May 2020 – Code Lyoko: Evolution begins to be available on official French Code Lyoko channel on YouTube.

1 October 2020 – Four seasons of Code Lyoko available on Netflix in English and French.

7 March 2021 – Quentin Merabet, actor known for his role in Code Lyoko: Evolution started on Twitter hashtag event #CodeLyokoReboot. The goal is to show producers and copyright owners that frenchise is still getting a lot of attention, is well known in pop culture and fanbase is still active, which is why it is worth investing in the continuation of series.

9 March 2021 – Four seasons of Code Lyoko is available on French SVOD platfom called Anime Digital Network, which mainly deals with Asian productions. Monthly access costs 7€ and annual access 60€.

July 2021 – Cartoon Fair dedicated to Code Lyoko takes place, postponed from 2020.

22 November 2021 – Julien Lamassonne, the performer of the original opening for the series annunced on Facebook that he had recorded a new version of the song “Un monde sans danger”.

26 November 2021 – Spanish woman well known in Code Lyoko fans society has announced she has been hired by Mediatoon as official cosplayer of Yumi.

6 December 2021 – Spanish languaged part of fans society called on Twiiter as Code Lyoko REACT annoucment:

We've heard news from reliable sources, there's going to be something new from Code Lyoko. We live.

We asked for this message to be clarified. This is what we got in response:

We don't known exactly what it is, but we do know there will be something new and it will be official.

The news caused quite a stir among the fans, so on the afternoon of December 7 the Spaniards gave another message:

Many of you have started to speculate as to what this is going to be. We are not sure if it will be something as big as the new season or just a re-release on Blu-Ray discs. We can assure you that this is something new and official and that the news of it comes from sources directly on the Mediatoon, but we will not believe 100% until we see it. We must be prepared for any eventuality. On the other hand, we do not believe that this would be a new series of Code Lyoko: Evolution, because new actors would have to be selected, they are already adults.

According to information from Spain, the details are to be known in a few months.

9 January 2022 – On Cartoon Fantasy’s twitter account dealing pop culture, the following message appeared:

We are indeed working on a new production related to Code Lyoko, but this is not a new series as some would like. Release date: probably in 2022.

The production is to be carried out by the Cartoon Fantasy team, and Julien Lamassonne is to participate in it. A fragment of work on recording the new version of the opening was attached to the announcement.

11 January 2022 – Spaniards from Code Lyoko REACT released a new annoucment:

No, the new thing is not a song. No, we will not risk any contact that one of the admins (and there are 6 or 7 of us) have with Mediatoon just to meet someone's expectations. It's January and we can say that the new thing will come from Mediatoon and it won't be a song. At this point, one of the administrators knows and CANNOT say this because he would be risking a very good contract and an opportunity he doesn't want to miss.
We didn't deserve what the production company would do with the show.
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