About us

Welcome to Centrum! Polish fan organisation uniting all the Code Lyoko fans. Officially we’ve been here since 5th of May 2018, and even though that’s not a long time, some of us have been contributing to the fandom for years 🙂

We run a website – kodlyoko.pl, which is our main page. It’s the biggest and constantly updated Polish source of fandom news, from the Polish fanbase and the international one too. It offers a whole lot of fanon creations, and our collection is constantly growing.

We own a Discord server – Buntownicy Lyoko – it’s our meeting place where we discuss our beloved cartoon and all kinds of different topics. You’ll be able to find the invitation and other links below, but be advised that we mostly speak Polish there.

Centrum is into widely understood fandom development, publishing fanfiction, fanart and essays to name a few. We do not have one and only leader, we make decisions by voting. We have our counsel – Rada Ocalenia Fandomu – where all the decisions are made.

You can contact us via:
our Discord server (please message users with “Rada Ocalenia Fandomu” role)
e-mail: centrumlyoko@gmail.com

– Discord server: https://discord.gg/eKxXG32
– Signpost Lyoko: http://signpost.lyoko.pl (page consisting links to all the sites about Lyoko that we know of. Made with Polish users in mind but if you move the cursor on one of the links, you’ll see the text in english)

We are open to collaboration, so feel free to contact us about any propositions and ideas you have. We will try our best to help you!