News from Lyoko – 22nd June 2024


Pyrkon was held in Poland from June 14 to 16. It’s the largest fantasy festival in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. There were several Code Lyoko cosplayers on site, whose photos were taken by our special correspondent.

One of the cosplayers has an account on Instagram under the name xynthiaa_sany.

The series has returned to broadcast on Mexican television, with the Once Ninos y Ninas channel airing episodes twice a day from Monday to Sunday.

As it turns out, some of the episodes were considered “lost media” after their premiere broadcast, meaning they were not available in any form, even as recordings made by viewers. They also did not appear on the official channel on YT, where the Latino language version was published. The broadcast, which is now being carried by the Once Niñas y Niños channel, found that some episodes from the second series were not shown. As explained by the station’s management, a re-recording of the dubbing is underway, as the one that was used during the original broadcast on the Jetix channel in 2004-08 is either in poor condition or missing. It is uncertain whether the recordings are taking place with the same cast as before.

Mediatoon has released another compilation of episodes, this time the second series was used.

Immudelki announced that in the future, money, more precisely pocket money, will be introduced into the IFSCL story mode. Once a month and on special days it will be possible to receive a few euros for in-game interactions. Preventing possible questions – these will not be any microtransactions, the system will be written into the simulator and no real money will have to be paid. It is also known that the character of Rosa, the canteen cook, will appear.

The Catboat channel on Twitch aired the first program in its Cafe Lyoko series on June 7. Sophie Decroisette was the guest, but the main topic of the conversation was “Cinematography – permanent plagiarism?” The entire show, which lasted more than 4 hours 30 minutes, can be seen here:

Traditionally, we leave at the end of the news a review of fan art from recent times.

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21 days ago

¿Dónde está ifscl y código lyoko beyond?