News from Lyoko – 12th May 2024


On May 3, Sophie Decroisette and Jerome Mouscadet took part in an interview that took place on the Catboat channel on Twitch. The conversation was about the series, but not only. Here are the highlights of this very long interview, which lasted 3 hours and 45 minutes:

  • Activities related to the new series are still in discussions regarding copyright issues. No art or music work is underway.
  • The main writers have been in contact with Justine Sainte by email, but did not speak with her in person.
  • We can expect more detailed information on the new production during the vacations.
  • The new series will take place after the 95th episode.
  • Evolution will cease to be canon.
  • Yumi would choose Ulrich over William.
  • Odd does not have a specified sexual orientation.
  • The new series will feature the characters of Mrs. Hertz and cook Rosa.
  • There is a design for Jeremy’s appearance in Lyoko.
  • There was no continuation after the 4th series in 2007/08 not because of poor audiences (it was top-notch at the time), but because French TV executives did not want to develop the Code Lyoko brand any further.
  • The Americans required the filmmakers to cut out the scene of Yumi and Ulrich kissing.
  • In the opinion of the creators, it was immoral for Lyoko warriors to consider Aelita’s life more important than the survival of the world.

The full interview, along with English subtitles, can be found here:

Justine Sainte has released an instrumental version of the song A New World.

After a hiatus of several years, the two official channels of the series have been reactivated, in English and French. Compilations of the first three episodes in these languages have appeared. In the descriptions of the videos, it was assured that the next parts will appear every week.

In recent days, work has been done on Rosa’s character in the IFSCL game.

A new version of Kolossus Launcher has been released with the number 1.7.0. This program is used to download and launch IFSCL. Version 1.6.0 is expected to be deactivated before the release of IFSCL 4.7.0

Work is underway on the next episodes of the radio play Code Lyoko: Frontieres Virtuelles. It has been announced that castings for some roles will probably be announced in August or September. A new antagonist has also been announced: Agent Clyde.

Traditionally, we leave at the end of the news a review of fan art from recent times.

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2 months ago

Odd’s sexuality still being in debate after 21 years, what a king