News from Lyoko – 30th March 2024


On March 20, 2024, a new music track A New World composed by the series’ official composer Justine Sainte was published. The track is an English-language cover of the song A World Without Danger.

Interestingly, the upcoming new cover was already announced on March 6 by the Code Lyoko REACT group, publishing an fragment from A New World in a Spanish version, to be sung by Pablo Galán.

According to current news, the Spanish version is expected to be released on April 4, the French on April 11. An Italian version has also been announced. Justine Sainte, when asked if the series is actually returning, replied “Something coming soon.” A snippet of the French version is shown below.

In addition, earlier, Justine Sainte posted on Instagram a preview of her next musical work – A Hope. Announced to be released on April 4, 2024, the footage can be found on Reddit.

A photo has also appeared suggesting that the track A Hope is going to be recorded by an orchestra.

On March 9, 2024, another broadcast of the IFSCL work took place.

Immudelki is working on the 47X version of IFSCL, with plans to introduce a sixth chapter and compose new music for it. It is possible that the version will be released in late April.

The team behind the radio drama Code Lyoko: Frontieres Virtuelles announced that they are finalizing the script for the first regular episode. The two that have appeared so far, which appeared on September 3 and December 24 of last year, are described as specials, while the third, which is currently being written, is expected to be the beginning of the first season. It will count 8 episodes in total. So far, the premiere date is unknown.

And last but not least, wishing you a healthy, peaceful Easter from the entire Centrum Lyoko! As always we leave fan works from recent times.

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