News from Lyoko – 30th October 2023

Before we get to the content of the article, we would like to clarify a minor inaccuracy on our part. The following text should be considered a summary of last week’s article, below it is the content of today’s news.

  • Sophie Decroisette and Jerome Mouscadet are the main writers of the series, responsible for the script of all four seasons of Code Lyoko. These characters are so big that we can call them the parents of Code Lyoko.
  • Sophie Decroisette and Jerome Mouscadet participated in an interview for “Villabona Irratia” conducted by José Tistazo. The video transcript of this interview is available at the very end of our last article and at the link here ( The most interesting part of the interview begins at 49:44.
  • The main writers of Code Lyoko, when asked if the series will return, emphatically answered “Yes!”, they are working to create something new with CL.
  • An error has crept in on our part, Code Lyoko IS NOT in production, because at the moment the copyright owners are being determined, which studios should take care of which responsibilities, etc. However, this does not invalidate the importance of our news, because as we described in the paragraph above: the main writers responsible for the existence of Code Lyoko have confirmed that they are actively working for its return.
  • Stoicism in the context of the current information is most appropriate, but we would also like to point out that while it is possible to be skeptical with fan productions, characters with such authority as Sophie Decroisette and Jerome Mouscadet must know well what they want to say and when. The interview was prerecorded, which means there was an opportunity to cut out sentences that should not appear. We found the question along the lines of “Will Code Lyoko ever return” too obvious not to expect it – the main writers were ready to answer about the work on CL and wanted us to hear it.
  • In addition, we would like to point out that this is not the first news about some activities over Code Lyoko, the Centrum Lyoko has previously reported on events that have come to our attention. Among others, here:

As you probably know, a week ago we reported that there will be something new related to Code Lyoko, which was confirmed by the original creators. In this regard, so far we do not have more extensive information, but we will provide it as soon as we learn something. The October 23 interview also provided other interesting information.

  • The original concept version of Code Lyoko did not include a return to the past, nor did it explain who Franz Hopper was or how Xana was created. These threads arose during the writing of subsequent episodes.
  • The producers required the creators to add a new character. Therefore, William appeared, who was originally to be named Orlando. Initially, he was not to be Xana’s minion, but only Ulrich’s rival.
  • Decroisette and Mouscadet wrote the concept for the fifth season. Evolution’s producers controlled the process and wanted the script to be simpler. Its creators, on the other hand, wrote it very specifically, taking into account what happened in seasons 1-4. Due to disagreements, they stopped further work. In their opinion, what they created was better than what was eventually presented, since CL is not a universe that is served by simplification.
  • Sophie and Jerome are now working at Da Da Animation studio. It was established in 2019 and is based in Paris. Among other things, artificial intelligence and the Unity engine are used for the work. Among other things, the studio has released an animation for younger people, “Captain Tone-up,” which was shown this spring on the French version of the Disney Channel.
  • Talks with the current copyright holders of Code Lyoko are already underway.

Other news:

The final release date for the second episode of the radio play “Code Lyoko: Frontieres Virtuelles” titled “Signal” is December 24 this year. It is expected to be 40 minutes long.

And now a review of what has recently appeared on the web:

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