News from Lyoko – 26th August 2023


Some of you may be familiar with Madiator, the author of the AI that generates Code Lyoko images. Madiator has recently released a new version of his model, which significantly increased the capabilities of the AI, the effects are presented to you below. This is just a few images, definitely more can be found on our Polish discord server, where there is a special thread dedicated to AI graphics. Sometimes you can also ask Madiator for more images 😉.

IFSCL version 4.5.5 has been released, followed by version 4.5.6. New features are new chapters 2 and 3, and a revamped 4th chapter of the story mode.

The French S.E.J Studio team working on their fan-made game is about to release a trailer. We present one photo from the game, you can find the rest on Twitter here.

The creators of Code Lyoko : Frontières Virtuelles have announced that the mixing and editing stage has been completed for the first episode, which is scheduled to premiere on September 3. So far, it is known that the first episode of the season is to be called “Archives.”

Ozberk Ozen, one of the better-known creators in the fan community, has announced work on a full-length film. The release date is not yet known, here’s a look at its first teaser.

The documentary “Stronger After All: 20 Years Of Code Lyoko, A Tribute to the Fandom” will premiere on September 3. It will be available for viewing on YouTube.

The Paris Court of Appeals has rejected a complaint filed by the creators of “Un monde sans danger,” the opening song of the series, over plagiarism. It was allegedly committed by the group “The Black Eyed Peas.” In 2010, the album “The Beginning,” featured the song “Whenever,” which has some similarities to the opening. Franck Keller and Ygal Amar sent a formal call to the American group about the song in 2011. However, they did not receive a response. Court steps were taken in 2018, when he and Noam Kaniel, who worked on the English version of the song, demanded $4 million in damages from Fergie and Two years ago, the lawsuit was dismissed on the grounds that the case was time-barred, as the court said legal action should have been taken up to five years after the publication of the contested song. A complaint was filed, which was dismissed a few weeks ago.

And now, traditionally, we present an overview of general fan activity from throughout last two months.

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