News from Lyoko – Sunday 4th June 2023


Last month was quite calm in our fandom, but there is some news about fanbase.

Immudelki announced some important things about creating of IFSCL:

Good news. Exactly one month ago, I was in a complicated situation, deprived of my cloud building service, a key component that helped me being productive on IFSCL while maintaining its high ambitions. So I’m happy to announce that, following various learning, some hardware acquisitions and lot of hard work, my new home made remote build machine is now in place.
Everything stays the same for you, builds will be provided on Kolossus, as usual, Dragon Groar assuring the maintenance of the Launcher. And I’d like to give a big shoutout to Azcray senpaï and Mak-JoJo’s san for giving me some of their time into teaching me the basics of Linux, Jenkins, Raspberry… Without them, I would be in a dire situation !

My next steps are now to stabilize the new build pipeline and come back with release of IFSCL 4.5.4. I’ve spend almost a month dealing with that situation, so it makes things harder to re-plan. We’ll see how it goes in the next weeks. As usual, for all infos, please checkout the changelog

And now, traditionally, we present an overview of general fan activity from throughout last month. For technical reasons on Twitter’s site, we will present it in other form than usual.

Code Lyoko game with VR googles:

Homemade t-shirt:

Ulrich’s fanart:

New RPG game in Code Lyoko’s world:

Code Lyoko is back on TV.

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