News from Lyoko – Sunday, 7th May 2023

Today, in addition to the standard news we have special news for you, Centrum Lyoko on the occasion of its 5th anniversary has created the world’s first unofficial fan-made Code Lyoko card game! The game is called Code: Virtualization, and it’s free to download: you can print it yourself! At the moment the game is only available in Polish, but Centrum Lyoko is working on translating it into English.

In the game you play the role of one of the Lyoko Warriors, who have to face XANA. This time, however, the situation is serious: XANA has managed to possess some of the Warriors, so you will not be fighting monsters but each other. You do not know who is an ally and who is an enemy, you have to figure it out yourself! A lot of fighting, intrigue, meetings with old friends from Kadic, and a trip to Lyoko await you!

It is worth reminding at this point that Code: Virtualization is an unofficial fan game, we do not charge any fees for it. All rights to the Code Lyoko brand belong to Moonscoop. In 2006 an official Code Lyoko card game was released, you can read more about it on

The authors of Code: Virtualization are:

  • Mayakovsky (Rules of the game)
  • Azize & Shikari (Design of cards and instruction)

Special thanks to Morrigan for the opportunity to print the cards, and to Madiator who provided the missing graphics with his AI.

The game is available at this link:

On April 15, 2023, a trailer appeared to mark IFSCL’s 13th anniversary, which falls on April 10.

Immudelki has also decided to return to work on Lyoko Conquerors.

On April 26, Immu announced that work on IFSCL may slow down soon, as the subscription to one of the essential elements in the development of the game is running out, and a new package to enable the work is much more expensive. There is talk of a sum with 3 or 4 zeros.

The team behind A Podcast Without Danger, (the broadcasts that are very extensive discussions of episodes of the series) has suspended operations, postponing indefinitely the release of the 13th episode. The reason is personal reasons and private life. It is not known how long the hiatus will last, the creators hope to return as soon as possible.

And now, traditionally, we present an overview of general fan activity from throughout April.

– How many monsters have you dealt with? – Zero ~ by Classico.

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