News from Lyoko – Wednesday, 5th April 2023


For several weeks, the American youth channel Primo TV, designed mainly for the Hispanic audience, has been broadcasting the Code Lyoko series. The broadcast takes place at 23:00 local time. This is CL’s first TV broadcast in 15 years. The series previously aired on Cartoon Network.

On March 4th and 5th, the Cartoon Fair convention was held in Bourg-La-Reine (South suburbs of Paris). This year, CL was not the main theme, but Immudelki decided to organize an event as part of this convention, dedicated to IFSCL. This time, instead of a traditional lecture, it was decided to integrate more with fans, as well as people who do not know the universe at all, but are interested in the simulator.

Special posters dedicated to the simulator were also sold. Immudelki announced that if there are willing people, mail order sales will be carried out. If there is anything left, it will be available at next year’s event.

On March 1, a trailer announcing version 4.5.X of the simulator was released. Its premiere took place on March 25, one of the novelties is the refreshed first chapter of the story mode, and the ability to destroy replicas.

Work is underway on the first episode of “Code Lyoko: Frontieres Virtuelles,” a French fan-made sequel set about a decade after the end of the series. The premiere is set for September 3. Most likely, the episode will last between 60 and 90 minutes. According to initial plans, it was to be as long as 120 minutes. One of the reasons for this shortening is the issue of changes between the script and the final version: the script assumed longer sequences.

And now, traditionally, we present an overview of general fan activity from throughout March.

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