News from Lyoko – Saturday, 4th March 2023


On February 18, an advertisement for a new fan game titled “Code Lyoko: War of Xana” appeared on the YouTube channel of Code Lyoko – MJ. In the game, we play the role of Aelita, whose goal is to deactivate as many as three activated towers in Lyoko at once. The game is three-dimensional, the character is controlled using the WASD keys + mouse. Link to download game is here:

This month appeared a nearly half-hour interview in French with Julien Lamassonne, the show’s opening theme artist. Code Lyoko threads appear in it. Unfortunately, as of today (04-03-2023 21:33 GMT+1) the video originally uploaded to the YouTube platform is unavailable (marked as private).

[EDIT 10-03-2023 20:06 GMT+1] Three days ago this interview was reuploaded on Ales San 2 YouTube channel.

We published a new AMV made by AtlantaFromX on February 28.

Below is a collection of Code Lyoko fan creations from February 2023

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