News from Lyoko – Tuesday, 10th January 2023


Last weekend, the French general YouTube channel “Konbini” featured a short interview with Sophie Decroisrette and Jerome Mouscadet, creators of Code Lyoko.

From this video we can learn that the name “Xana” comes from “Xanadu” – the world presented in the 1941 movie Citizen Kane. The creators confided that they are big fans of video games, which is why they wanted to make a series that combines 2D and 3D worlds. The animation team was urged to have Xana portrayed in some human form. A large part of the video is occupied by the question of the characters’ foreheads. According to the creators, such a thing would be impossible today, because it would not be economically viable. It was also said that the series was very popular in Spain and the United States, among others. Sophie Decroisette revealed that the last episode of the fourth series is a metaphor: it is supposed to represent the end of the teenage days of the characters, and all the events that took place allowed them to mature.

In November, three months ago appeared a video from Immudelki’s conference on the creation process of IFSCL – an extensive fan game in the world of Code Lyoko. The conference took place in July 2021 at Cartoon Fair in France.

An easter egg related to Code Lyoko appeared in game High On Life:

Below is a small overview of what’s new from Code Lyoko fans.

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