News from Lyoko – Tuesday, 14th June 2022

Hello, today we have news about the new fan production.

“Code Lyoko – Frontières Virtuelles” (CLFV) is a sound novel created by group of French fans in occasion of 20th anniversary of Code Lyoko. A few days ago they released short trailer (English subtitles available):

The creators want to tell a story that takes place 16 years after the events of the fourth season. Premiere of first full episode is scheduled for 3th September 2023 and will last about two hours. Each of the next 8 episodes will be approximately 40 minutes long.

We remind you about our poll on the future of the series, you will find details here.

That’s all for now!

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Evil Goat
2 years ago

Hello, I wanted to thank you for the share ! It always please us to see we are seen outside from France.