News from Lyoko – Thursday, 9th June 2022


Today we have a special thing for you. French organization “Cartoon Fantasy” released today a cover of “Un monde sans danger”, French opening song of Code Lyoko. Julien Lamassonne, the French original singer, participated in this project.

Not only the song itself is worth listening to, the video contains a lot of easter eggs! Among them are:

  1. On the top left there’s a model of a viking ship – the original Skidbladnir.
  2. On the bottom left there’s (partially hidden) picture of Aelita and her father.
  3. On the right side there’s a box with (unfinished) XANA’s mark.
  4. Next to the box, there’s a Garage Kids poster, as well as a picture of Paco, the King of Disco.
  5. There’s also a weird shadow there, which probably belongs to XANA.
  6. On the left, on the shelf, a teddy bear referring to the Godzilla Bear.
  7. To the left of Odd is his Tamagotchi named Jean-Pierre Delmas.
  8. In the middle there is a tower that activates and deactivates from time to time.

Members of group posted few world to fans before the premiere of this cover:

While our Code Lyoko project is about to be released later this day, we want to be totally clear about the nature of it. Transparency is a key concept for us, so we want to be honest with you guys!
We are a non-profit organization aimed to unite French-speaking cartoon fans. We wish to celebrate art & animation, so we decided to produce covers of the best songs & tracks from cartoons. We also produced an animated wallpaper for each cover, to celebrate both music and art.
One thing leading to another, for this cover, we’ve been lucky enough to work with Julien Lamassonne, the French original singer of the original series.
t was a very nice addition to the cover, but is was totally unexpected.
Let’s be clear: this cover is a fan project, nothing more. It looks like official, but it is *not*.
Our collective actually decided to invest a lot of money and time because we love cartoons and Code Lyoko as much as you!
This is a fan tribute made with pro standards.
We have no idea whether there will be a reboot of the franchise or not, a new series, a movie, or… anything! We never tried to tease anything else, and we hope you won’t be disappointed. Your passion and expectations are awesome & we are sorry not to hide anything more!
Knowing that, we sincerely hope you will still give our cover a chance. It’s been made with sincere love and passion for Code Lyoko & it will be free to listen.

That’s all for now!

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