News Update from Lyoko – Wednesday, 8th June 2022


Our yesterday’s news aroused considerable interest and comments in fandom. Some accused Spanish of lying about the future of Code Lyoko. Therefore, the CLReaction group published a special statement on its Twitter account. Here is the English version, originally posted on Reddit.

Hello Lyoko fans around the world, (since thanks to Reddit) we have the whole community keeping an eye on the account

We are going to talk about that “something new” of Code Lyoko that is coming.

The information we had at the beginning of the year was VERY VAGUE and, do not get us wrong, it still is. We shared the news because someone from the team has direct contact with the distributor and it made us VERY HAPPY to have official news about a series that has had many fake or official news that never got anywhere (Like when it was officially stated that the series would have three movies, for example), or fan projects that sadly were cancelled along the way.

Some members of the team have made a tremendous effort to license our products (Songs, merchandise…) paying for those licenses to be official content creators (Like it is done in games like Genshin Impact) and to make part of the community still alive and grow, and if it was done, it was because of the followers we have gained during all this time. We started being two staff on this account, nowadays there is seven people managing it. We have come to the point of being able to work with Mediatoon hand in hand thanks to the efforts of each and every person, both individually and collectively (and thanks to you all too ??).

The information about what was to come we assured would come in summer (and we have it, but we are risking a contract and an incredible opportunity for a member of this team. This is why the information is very vague)

We do not know where the project will see the light of day.

We did not affirm it will be child format, we said WE ARE AFRAID IT WILL BE LIKE THAT and that it will not be liked. It could very well be something adult oriented since the format in question has been seen in both children and adult related content.

The information that has already been given is the only information that can be given as of now.

We want to clarify we NEVER confirmed or even said whether it would be new episodes, a trailer or teaser or a new series.

We NEVER confirmed WHAT FORMAT will the new thing have, even if we know it BECAUSE: The contract of one member of the team would be still on risk.

It does not make sense for us to wake up one day, after being fans of the series after more than 10 years of false hopes and have been working to license our content to say; “Let’s invent news about Code Lyoko!” Because in fact, most of the staff on this account are older than 20 years, and fans of this account more than 10 years (and even LONGER). And we all have been here during every fake situation (Like when Tania Palumbo lied to us in an official event for one of Spain children’s channels, ClanTVE).

We find it very funny that people that don’t have license for their fan projects are accusing us of giving false information and together with the community are making things up in their head regarding the vague information we were able to give, even if since the beginning we have told you all to take what we said with a grain of salt because for the longest time we also had VERY vague information even if it came directly from Mediatoon.

Lastly, I am going to give you all the information that I (Admin Yumi) have received up until this moment and can disclose, clearly so you read it and don’t make things up:

1- Something completely new is coming

2- We were expecting it to have a whole other approach, because we have seen the format presented both for adult and children related content

3- We are nonetheless incredibly grateful and excited for this initiative from the distributors and, if it was thanks to someone, it was due to each and every active fan out there.

4- WE DON’T KNOW when this project will be released nor when will be able to openly talk about it.

5- In any case neither the team of this account as a whole nor the account itself are associated with the distribution company Mediatoon Entertainment.

This is all the information we have given

-Admin Yumi

We will bring you all new details as soon as possible.

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1 year ago

Wciąż jest nadzieja, że zobaczymy coś nowego od Code Lyoko? Fajnie byłoby, gdyby wykorzystali potencjał bajki. Najlepszy serial dzieciństwa.

1 year ago
Reply to  Karol

Pewien % szans mamy, aczkolwiek na dzień dzisiejszy to wciąż nic pewnego. O ile Code Lyoko nie został naszym zdaniem porzucony przez posiadaczy praw autorskich (o czym mowa jest tutaj:, tak od naszego najnowszego newsa jest cisza w eterze. Brak jakiegokolwiek sygnału.
Na pewno będziemy informować w przypadku uzyskania nowych informacji, dla osób polskojęzycznych polecam śmiało uderzyć na naszą polską i główną stronę, wszelkiego rodzaju informacje pojawiają się tam najszybciej.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wyklęty
8 months ago
Reply to  Wyklęty

Obiecaliśmy i odpowiadam: JEST! KOD LYOKO WRACA DO PRODUKCJI!