News Update from Lyoko – Thursday, 7th June 2022


Today we have for you some special news.

As you remember, Spanish languaged part of fans society called on Twiiter as Code Lyoko REACT announced about half a year ago that there’s going to be something new with Code Lyoko. Our staff decided to find our more about this and ask Spanish. Here is their response:

“Yes, there is something new, but we can’t say anything. All we can say is that this is an amazing flop and that you may not like it.”

Asked for any details, our interloctor said:

“We are afraid it will be too childish, we expected a different attitude.”

We did not receive any additional information at this moment, but we will provide it as soon as it arrives. Also we emphasize that so far this is news from unofficial sources, if we get any confirmation, we will inform about it on our website.

What do you think about these answers? Does our fandom have anything to be afraid of? And what are we to expect? Have your say in the comments.

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