News from Lyoko – our first bulletin – Thursday, 5th May 2022

Hello, Polish fanbase of Code Lyoko here!

Since 2018 we are active Code Lyoko community in Poland. “Centrum Lyoko” is a group of people creating content like fanarts, AMVs, fanfictions etc. We also handle the news section by searching interesing news about Code Lyoko from all the world and presenting it on the biggest Polish site dedicated to fans of this French animation:

Our experience in news, which last in truth for a decade, allowed us to make the next step. You are looking at it. This is the new project of Centrum Lyoko – a English website. We will publish the most interesting, most accurate and most important news about our community and our beloved franchise.

And this is our first bulletin:

On April 12th, Immudelki released IFSCL 12th Anniversary Video:

Trailer of version 4.4.0 is expected to presentation in two weeks, and the release of new version of game – in around a month.

And here is a few new fanarts from Twitter:

Today we presenting two articles. First is the interview with Lycee Lakanal’s graduate, realised in 2019: click here

And second one is “Milestone” – our dossier about recent facts and events connected with eventual continuation of Code Lyoko: here.

So… that’s all for now. Don’t hestitate to share Your opinion about the site with us.

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